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Swing Shot by Hall, Char
  1997-01-13 Rated R X-File Angst
 Text (210 k)Zip (79 k)
 Mulder and Scully are investigating a Missing Persons case that seems a little fishy. The only problem is that Scully has an admirer that could turn out to be dangerous.
Syntax and Measure by MustangSally
  1997-08-14 Rated NC-17 X-File Romance Humor
CoverText (325 k)Zip (132 k)
 Scully Solitaire. A new, highly addictive hallucinogenic drug called "ghost" tends to kill the users -- by cutting their throats. Called in to help the DC police investigate a possible series of serial killings. Scully is teamed with the slightly surreal Detective Steve "Moo" Mucheski and the eccentric DC Crime Scene Team. Determined to prove herself to the men she works with dealers junkies and predators trying to catch a "ghost".
Taking Steps by Maggiulli, Margie
  1997-02-16 Rated PG Adventure Romance
 Text (205 k)Zip (73.41 k)
Tebori by Ray, Brandon D.
  1999-12-28 Rated PG-13 X-File Romance Angst
CoverText (333 k)Zip (125 k)
 In the aftermath of the Gibson Praise case, the X-Files have been turned over to Spender and Fowley, and Mulder and Scully's relationship is close to its nadir. Scully is sent to Iowa to assist in tracking down a serial killer -- but she may have more at stake in the case than either she or Mulder realize.
Tempest by Pennington, Missy
  1997-11-03 Rated R Adventure Story Romance
 Text (260.21 k)Zip (102 k)
 Mulder and Scully survive a plane crash to find themselves injured and stranded in the Appalachian wilderness.
The Prelude Series - The Collector's Edition by Willis, Helen
  1999-11-06 Rated PG X-File Romance
CoverText (732 k)Zip (285.74 k)
 Part I - Mulder's a freelance journalist and Scully's just been assigned an "X" file to work on, when they meet. Part II - Scully's asked to officially take over the X Files Division, and her first case involves a man with ten inch fingers .... Part III - Mulder and Scully investigate a few aliens and meet a few contacts. Part IV - Mulder and Sam finally get introduced to the Scully family. Part V - A nice trip to the forest goes hideously wrong.
Theater of the Absurd - The Collector's Edition by Otto, Anna and Ensro, Ashlea
  1999-01-20 Rated R X-File Humor Angst
CoverText (285 k)Zip (113 k)
 As Skinner searches for long-lost friends, he becomes a target in a game of cat-and-mouse. Sometimes, what's lost is best not found. Or, how can we make Mulder and Scully blissfully happy? Includes Part I: Strange Land, Part II: Home, and a bonus.
Thimble for Peter, A by DeLuca, Cheryl & Anderson, S.
  1997-03-14 Rated R Story Romance Angst
 Text (241.51 k)Zip (94 k)
 In the wake of an unexpected event, Mulder and Scully must overcome pride and uncertainty before too much time has passed.
Through a Glass Darkly by Baxter, Judith
  2000-10-26 Rated PG-13 X-File
 Text (302.59 k)Zip (122 k)
 A grieving woman unleashes a terrifying force from beyond.
Thursday's Child - The Collector's Edition by Macomber, Patricia Lee
  1998-06-17 Rated PG X-File
CoverText (284 k)Zip (105 k)
 Mulder discovers a girl sleeping on his doorstep. While she appears to be a fully developed young woman, her mental acuity is that of a small child. Investigation uncovers the girl's origins, along with a mysterious doctor and his unholy alliance with the government.
Tiger Complex, The by LoneGunGuy
  1999-09-26 Rated R Story
CoverText (355 k)Zip (142 k)
 While investigating a gruesome catastrophe in the Amazon rain forest, Mulder and Scully struggle against a mysterious killer, their own suspicions and the unforgiving jungle itself.
Tikkun Olam by MustangSally and RivkaT
  1999-09-19 Rated NC-17 X-File Angst Romance
 Text (467 k)Zip (195 k)
 "Deaths and disclosures, universal and particular, denouements both unexpected and inexorable, transvestite melodrama on all levels including the suggestive. We transport you into a world of intrigue and illusion ... clowns, if you like, murderers -- we can do you ghosts and battles, on the skirmish level, heroes, villains, tormented lovers -- set pieces in the poetic vein; we can do you rapiers or rape or both, by all means, faithless wives and ravished virgins -- flagrante delicto at a price, but that comes under realism for which there are special terms."
Together - The Collector's Edition by Talia
  1997-07-03 Rated PG X-File Romance Angst
CoverText (225 k)Zip (87.01 k)
 He's a man running to forget his past. She's a girl running to find hers. Time is ticking away, for the girl is his only hope in finding that which steered his life, and for the woman that makes that life worth living. But for Fox Mulder, the only way to win is to put everything that he trusts on the witness stand.
Tokens - The Collector's Edition by Mariacomet
  1997-12-07 Rated R X-File Romance
 Text (347 k)Zip (140 k)
 Mulder's mother disappears mysteriously over the holidays, causing him to delve into his family's past and his own emotional reservations. Scully and Mulder's relationship is put to the test as they race against the Conspiracy to regain a drug that has been over thirty years in the making.
Too Close by Lyon, Jennifer
  1995-12-28 Rated R Adventure
 Text (201 k)Zip (76 k)
 A serial killer stalks the halls of the FBI itself.
Tootsie Pop by Evielouise
  2000-10-26 Rated NC-17 Story Romance
 Text (248.37 k)Zip (98 k)
 Mulder gets the munchies whilst doing paperwork in the basement with Scully.
Top Secret - The Collector's Edition by Jekel, Julie
  1998-06-12 Rated PG Crossover
CoverText (205 k)Zip (78 k)
 The revised version. Mulder, Scully, Lois, and Clark are the only people who can save Project Quantum Leap from a blackmailer and Scully must take an unbelievable chance to save her partner's life...
Touching Jericho - The Collector's Edition by Luxem, Ford and Ursula
  1999-03-25 Rated R X-File Angst Romance
CoverText (362 k)Zip (144 k)
Transfers by Brown, L. C.
  1996-04-15 Rated NC-17 X-File Romance
 Text (244 k)Zip (94 k)
 An investigation takes Mulder and Scully to Bermuda.
Trials Series - The Collector's Edition by Hall, Char
  1996-11-25 Rated R Story Romance Angst
 Text (358.73 k)Zip (135 k)
 Discovering some horrible things from Scully's past, including the fact that her mother was arrested for the murder of her husband, Marcy Mulder must deal with this new information. Unfortunately, Scully's past has come back to haunt her. Includes the latest installment Trials of Life.
Triangle Series, The: The Collector's Edition by Jameson, Susan
  2000-05-14 Rated R Story Romance Angst
CoverText (558 k)Zip (213 k)
 You don't always get to choose whom you will love. Sometimes, though, you find a way to live with it.
Triangle Squared by Kelly, K. Elizabeth
  1999-05-30 Rated PG Story
 Text (365 k)Zip (144 k)
 Wrapping up some loose ends that followed Triangle (6x03). Shippy, yes, but non-shippers would probably enjoy as well.
Trinity Series: Book I - The Collector's Edition by XF Stew
  1997-07-18 Rated R X-File Angst
CoverText (486 k)Zip (191.13 k)
 After the apparent death of Agent Mulder, Scully is promoted to Lead Agent of the X-Files Division and Special Agent Megan Largo is assigned to assist her. As Scully and her new partner finally form a bond, guess who turns up? Read along to see just how far Mulder carries his mantra: Trust No One. Angst abounds as Agents Mulder, Scully, and Largo deal with life, love, death, cancer, serial killers, liver-munching mutants and dead alien heads in this twisted tale. Contains Trinity I - III.
Trinity Series: Book II - The Collector's Edition by XF Stew
  1997-12-16 Rated R X-File Romance Angst
CoverText (489 k)Zip (181 k)
 Mysterious deaths at a small-town lake lead Mulder and Scully to investigate while Megan Largo interrogates a mobster suspected of killing a dozen people in an arson fire. Meanwhile, the Consortium is up to some new tricks, playing dangerous games with the members of the X-Files Division that lead to distrust and paranoia, which culminates in a dangerous showdown between two partners. Contains Trinity IV.
True Business by Flemming, Sarah
  1997-06-14 Rated PG Story Romance Angst
 Text (343 k)Zip (129 k)
 A deaf woman with unique abilities assists Scully and Mulder in locating Samantha.
Trust Series by Parrotfish
  1999-11-13 Rated NC-17 X-File Romance Angst
 Text (621 k)Zip (251 k)
 The closer Mulder and Scully get to the truth, the higher the price and the greater the risk. Along the way, they learn some elemental things about trust, love and loss. Samantha is found in body but not in mind and spirit; Mulder and Scully learn that loving each other is not always enough; they find a friend and make her an ally, turning her life upside down in the process; and a prize of great worth enters their lives from an unexpected quarter.
Truth - The Collector's Edition by Taylor, Jessica Zyvarek & Reilly, Megan
  1998-03-14 Rated PG Story Romance Humor
CoverText (646.68 k)Zip (245 k)
 Mulder drags Scully on a case that involves an adventurous honeymoon cruise. But they're not married, and Scully's not sure there even *is* a case! Can the Bermuda Triangle and all its weirdness get these two together? Read it, laugh, and find out!
Truth and Consequences by Taylor, Marsha & Raine
  1997-11-15 Rated NC-17 X-File Romance Angst
 Text (339 k)Zip (122 k)
 After the events of the episode, Mulder and Scully decide to pay a visit to their friend Dr. Scanlon.
Twelfth Night - The Collector's Edition by Keller, Mary Ruth
  1996-05-09 Rated PG X-File
CoverText (503 k)Zip (204 k)
 On the eve of the Presidential election, Mulder and Scully are handed a case about vanishing homeless to keep them out of an investigation about missing artworks. A very much attached Phoebe Green is assigned to shadow Mulder's Mother, and there is unrest among the younger members of the Consortium. Senator Matheson works to move Mulder and Scully out of the basement, but one of the homeless the X-team meets may know about more than just how to keep warm on the streets.
Twilight by Shannon
  1997-03-14 Rated PG Crossover Angst
 Text (218 k)Zip (88 k)
 A serial killer is on the loose in Baltimore. Mulder and Scully are called in to assist the Homicide Squad in profiling and finding the killer before he strikes again.
Twister - The Collector's Edition by Bickerstaffe, Suzanne
  1998-12-30 Rated R X-File Story
CoverText (208 k)Zip (83 k)
 Mulder and Scully are drawn into investigating a lethal meteorological phenomenon (and a chilling conspiracy) by a woman from Mulder's past.
Umbra by Rambo, Dawson E.
  1997-10-21 Rated R Adventure Romance Angst
CoverText (1209 k)Zip (464.23 k)
 After being called in to investigate a strange series of military murders, Mulder and Scully uncover a deeper conspiracy that leads to the heart of the Consortium's ultimate plan.
Unnatural Disaster by Michaela
  2000-05-14 Rated R Story
 Text (560.95 k)Zip (226 k)
 It's hard enough when your mistakes come back to haunt you. Harder still when you're a federal agent. Hardest yet when your partner's help is the first thing you need, but the last thing you want ...
Unreasonable Facsimile by Deenalynn
  2000-03-12 Rated R Story Romance Angst
 Text (204 k)Zip (77 k)
 What do you do, when everything you are turns out to be a lie?
unspoken by Megan C
  2000-10-26 Rated PG-13 X-File Story Romance
 Text (223 k)Zip (83 k)
 One little girl holds the key to all that Fox Mulder and Dana Scully have been searching for, for seven years.
Vampire's Kiss - The Collector's Edition by Lyon, Jennifer
  1996-03-08 Rated R Adventure Romance
CoverText (528 k)Zip (204 k)
 Mulder and Scully investigate a series of murders involving blood loss and must face the vampiric killer with the help of very strange ally, a vampire named Jason. Contains Vampire Series I - V.
Vengeance by Juliettt
  1996-12-07 Rated PG X-File Romance Angst
 Text (395 k)Zip (146 k)
 Features Sheryl Martin's character Jackie St. George. Picks up where the episode Anasazi leaves off and offers a different solution to the boxcar dilemma.
Vestigy by lisby
  1999-05-30 Rated R Story Angst Slash
 Text (207 k)Zip (88 k)
 Vestigy' takes place in the near future, after the planned invasion of the planet, focusing on the radically altered existence of Walter Skinner.
Visions - The Collector's Edition by Ackerson, Jeannine
  1998-08-01 Rated NC-17 Story Romance
CoverText (380 k)Zip (145.77 k)
 The death of a family member puts into action a chain of events leading up to danger, romance and a turn of events that recreates the X-Files and changes Mulder and Scully's lives forever.
Vulpecula, The Collector's Edition by jeri
  2000-10-26 Rated PG-13 Story Romance Angst
 Text (207 k)Zip (83 k)
 Picks up after Requiem and follows Scully's thoughts as she cares for her child and searches for her love.
Waiting for the Axe to Fall by Tarlan
  1998-11-05 Rated NC-17 X-File Story
CoverText (281 k)Zip (110 k)
 Mulder and Scully are assigned some 'help' on a new case.
Walking the Line: Book I - The Collector's Edition by XF Stew
  1998-01-03 Rated NC-17 Story Romance
CoverText (534 k)Zip (210 k)
 Scully strikes up a friendship with an intriguing young woman. Lieutenant Commander Anne Kazmerowski of the US Navy is smart, witty, talented, and extremely attractive. Scully finds herself drawn to Kaz, and experiencing powerful feelings she's never dealt with before. What is she going to tell Mulder... or her mother? Contains Walking the Line I, II & III.
Walking the Line: Book II - The Collector's Edition by XF Stew
  1998-04-12 Rated NC-17 Story Romance Angst
 Text (315 k)Zip (125 k)
 Tunguska and Terma only told half the story. This is the rest of it. Continues the development of Scully's relationship with Naval Commander Anne Kazmerowski. Contains Walking the Line IV.
Water Line, The by Reilly, Megan
  1999-06-08 Rated R Story Romance
CoverText (291 k)Zip (111 k)
 A horn blast for Scully's life.
Way Through The Woods - The Collector's Edition by Pellinor & Rusnak, Rebecca
  1998-02-27 Rated R Adventure Angst
CoverText (207 k)Zip (82 k)
 Three months ago, someone noticed something unusual about Scully. Now, in a desperate attempt to stave off the inevitable, Mulder has disappeared, and Scully's only chance of finding him include an unlikely ally and an untrustworthy informant. As they make their way through the woods, can Mulder and Scully find each other, or is the future lost?
Werewolf Chronicles, The - The Collector's Edition by frogdoggie
  1998-04-04 Rated NC-17 X-File Romance Angst
CoverText (385 k)Zip (148 k)
 Mulder and Scully travel to Wisconsin to investigate some cattle mutilations. Their discovery of the cause behind the mutilations proves to be very terrifying. The second part of this combined novel continues the werewolf saga. Mulder and Scully revisit some familiar Wisconsin friends and then confront some familiar foes in the wide ranging, dark and very disturbing X-File adventure. Contains Wisconsin Death Trip and Not With a Whisper.
When a Tree Falls - The Collector's Edition by Mabtng
  1998-08-21 Rated PG Adventure
CoverText (500 k)Zip (191 k)
 Mulder and Scully go to South Dakota to investigate the strange disappearance of a scientist and fall victim to the same phenomenon... now, they're in a race to find answers... and Scully may hold the key to all of their questions. Contains When a Tree Falls I, II, & III.
Will to Survive - The Collector's Edition by Ahlmen, Heidi
  1998-08-31 Rated R Story Angst
CoverText (212 k)Zip (83.72 k)
 A situation as shocking and dramatic as the hijacking of a plane changes Scully's life.
Will, Or A Thin Line Between Underware and Pain - The Collec by Wilce, Y. S.
  1998-03-02 Rated NC-17 Adventure Angst Humor
 Text (488 k)Zip (191 k)
 While investigating one of Mulder's typical monster-of-the-week cases, our G-Man and G-Woman of action find themselves no longer in a suburb of DC, Toto, but in a place full of crazed-leopard-skin-wearing holy mad men, fifteen year-old boys with pistols and multiple gunshot wounds, seven-foot-tall Bigfoot-looking satyrs dressed in lacy white aprons, and cold-eyed women who float around with their own entourage of flying babies.
Wind River by Faye, Cathleen
  1999-11-20 Rated NC-17 Story
CoverText (318 k)Zip (120.43 k)
 A small town, well-kept secrets, a serial killer, and sexual cravings. Dangerous affairs all around. Story notes: With the exception of Biogenesis, this story takes place within the series time frame.