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1000 Rainy Days - The Collector's Edition by Montoya, RL
  1999-02-07 Rated R X-File Romance Angst
CoverText (248 k)Zip (97 k)
 When Scully begins experiencing a strange form of empathy, it affects her work on an abduction case. Mulder reacts oddly, becoming more and more attracted to her because of it, but the consequences of and reasons for her new ability are more far-reaching than either of them realize.
2008 by MystPhile
  1999-11-20 Rated NC-17 X-File Story Romance
 Text (375 k)Zip (151 k)
 With the quest at an end, the X-Files closed in the year 2000. Our heroes went their separate ways. In 2008, they meet in Bloomingdale's and the past, present, and future are explored. Nine chapters take place in New York City; the last part takes place in Nova Scotia, with the influence of a ghost-like presence. An X-File, it was posted as "Scully's Haunting."
Abyss Looks Back, The - The Collector's Edition by Kronos
  1998-03-26 Rated R X-File Angst
CoverText (549 k)Zip (202 k)
 Mulder is the Bureau's last hope for solving a horrific child kidnapping/murder case and is assigned as behavioral specialist consultant. It's Skinner and Scully's job to keep him well and sane long enough to prevent another death. Similarities to both victim and killer profiles create an uneasy resonance in Mulder, who must fight to maintain enough of a professional distance so as to avoid an unrecoverable slide into the abyss.
Acadia - The Collector's Edition by RivkaT
  1997-10-04 Rated R X-File Angst
CoverText (205 k)Zip (82 k)
 A multiple murder case in Maine tests Mulder and Scully's partnership.
And Chaos Shall Reign - The Collector's Edition by Kronos
  1998-08-05 Rated R X-File Angst
CoverText (853 k)Zip (315 k)
 Takes place between Folie a Deux and The End. Mulder and Scully are called in to investigate the explosion of an air separation plant in Hampton, Virginia, in which more than a hundred people were killed. Mulder struggles against self-doubt and considers his future with the Bureau, even as he and Scully become embroiled in politics when their opinion as to what occurred runs contrary to that of the local FBI SAC. Despite the roadblocks, their investigation leads them to a conspiracy whose purpose could result in an even worse disaster. Skinner joins his agents in a race against time that could very well end with all their deaths, along with thousands of innocents.
And Then There Was One - The Collector's Edition by Kronos
  1998-05-20 Rated R X-File Angst
CoverText (571 k)Zip (215 k)
 Mulder and Scully race to uncover the mystery behind the deaths of eight FBI agents - all linked to three cases from the 1970's in which Skinner was also involved - and now the only one left alive. The three must first determine which case is the link, and then attempt to identify who is behind the subtle yet deadly eliminations, all the while evading being targets themselves.
Any Means Necessary - The Collector's Edition by Ophelia
  1998-11-01 Rated R X-File Angst
CoverText (298 k)Zip (118 k)
 Mulder suffers a brutal sexual attack, which unexpectedly puts him and the Consortium on the same side.
Appalachian Idyll by Wagner, Steven M.
  1998-02-27 Rated R X-File Angst
 Text (314 k)Zip (124 k)
 Mulder and Scully work with a local DA to try a serial murder. Features characters from Livengoo's novel Corpse.
Archaea - The Collector's Edition by Keller, Mary Ruth
  1997-04-03 Rated PG X-File
CoverText (617 k)Zip (252 k)
 Mulder and Scully investigate a potentially deadly microscopic life-form recovered from volcanic rocks in Washington State. But when their seemingly straightforward case comes to the attention of the Consortium and an unexpected group of outsiders, they must use all the resources at their disposal to safeguard it from falling into the wrong hands.
Avenging Angel - The Collector's Edition by Mitani, Junko
  1998-08-21 Rated NC-17 X-File Angst
 Text (866 k)Zip (327 k)
 When a phone call interrupts a typical X-File briefing in AD Skinner's office, Mulder finds himself suddenly trapped and forced to deal with events from one of his first year Violent Crimes cases. With two of the six serial killers escaped and on the run for months, Mulder has no clear understanding of the case offered him in Santa Monica, except that he has to get Scully off the case at the first opportunity.
Basketball Therapy by Kel
  1999-08-06 Rated PG-13 X-File Romance Angst
 Text (278 k)Zip (108 k)
 Set shortly before Tithonus, this story explores life in the bullpen, where tedium and background checks are the order of the day. When Scully gets drawn into an investigation at a Maryland hospital, Mulder gets trapped in a deadly hostage situation.
Bed Springs - The Collector's Edition by Moseley, Vickie & Hall, Char & Reilly, Megan
  1998-03-01 Rated R X-File Romance Angst
 Text (828 k)Zip (313 k)
 Mulder and Scully have been promoted and two new agents are running the X-Files division, but Mulder can't seem to let go-- he's got to stick his nose in and help with the new agent's first case. Little does he know that Samantha may be within his reach. Includes Bedsprings I, II & III.
Bermuda Experiment, The by Walker, Esther
  1997-11-28 Rated PG X-File Angst
CoverText (298 k)Zip (113 k)
 Mulder and Scully take a vacation with friends and become involved in their very own X-File. Mulderangst galore because it's so much fun to write.
Between Lies Special Edition by Smith, N. Y.
  1999-06-07 Rated PG-13 X-File Romance
 Text (269 k)Zip (109.43 k)
 Sometimes a lie is prettier than the truth.
Bill Scully Files, The - The Collector's Edition by Ray, Brandon D.
  1999-01-20 Rated PG-13 X-File Romance Angst
CoverText (402 k)Zip (155 k)
 A set of three loosely-connected stories in which Bill Scully and Fox Mulder gradually come to terms with each other’s existence.
Binding The Edges by Jess
  1999-09-16 Rated PG-13 X-File Romance Angst
 Text (310 k)Zip (120 k)
 When a mysterious case brings Mulder and Scully back to Texas, they find themselves suddenly thrust deeper into the conspiracy than they've ever been before. And with the threat of colonization at their heels, its a race against time as they try to fight the future, only to find themselves at the center of it all.
Blood Ties IV: Shredded Hearts by Dawn
  1999-09-19 Rated R X-File Angst
 Text (241 k)Zip (97.46 k)
 A serial killer mimicking the Paper Hearts murders pushes Mulder to the edge of a breakdown. When Skinner removes him from the case, Grey and Scully talk him into a trip to North Carolina to get his mind off the investigation. The killer, however, has other ideas…
Blood Ties V: Legacies by Dawn
  1999-11-20 Rated PG-13 X-File Angst
 Text (303 k)Zip (123 k)
 Grey finally obtains first hand knowledge of the Consortium, and more than one old enemy resurfaces.
Brotherhood, The by Walker, Esther & Moseley, Vickie
  1996-10-26 Rated PG X-File Romance Angst
CoverText (325 k)Zip (123 k)
 Mulder and Scully are sent to investigate a mysterious death involving a group of anti-government protesters and the group's armed holdout in a remote part of Montana.
Building a Mystery - The Collector's Edition by Cottrell, Rory D.
  1996-03-11 Rated PG X-File Romance Angst
CoverText (685 k)Zip (267 k)
 A series of stories that follow common threads through some of the X-Files story lines; closures to some story lines and a few case files thrown in for good measure. Includes Opposite Poles.
Bureau Years - The Collector's Edition by LuvMulder
  1996-10-24 Rated NC-17 X-File Angst
CoverText (416 k)Zip (168 k)
 The unexpected appearance of an enemy from Mulder's past wreaks havoc on the agent's life and plunges Scully into a maelstrom of confusion and intrigue. Later, while Mulder recovers from his previous adventures in Connecticut under his mother's watchful eye, changes are afoot both in both Dana's world and within the Consortium. Contains Books IV & V, which can stand alone. Books I - III have not been written yet.
Butterfly in China, A by Nicknoc
  1999-12-29 Rated NC-17 X-File Romance
CoverText (201 k)Zip (78 k)
 Scully and Mulder are confronted with the biggest shock of their lives....themselves.
Cassandra Series: Book I - The Collector's Edition by Lake, Rhondda
  1998-03-01 Rated NC-17 X-File Romance
CoverText (228 k)Zip (92 k)
 Empathic Cassandra Troy must confront her downstairs neighbor about his nightmares. They are keeping her awake. But once she becomes involved in the dark and alluring world of Fox Mulder she might lose much more than her heart.
Centenarian - The Collector's Edition by Black Orchid & Halo 5
  1998-02-24 Rated R X-File Angst
CoverText (205 k)Zip (83 k)
 The ancient bayou in a small Louisiana town held many secrets throughout the ages, and two notable residents are the center of the maelstrom as a timeless battle is waged. One is a 107 year-old woman who has been left a special legacy by her slave ancestors; the other, an object of derision who may be out for revenge. Investigating the mysterious death of a teenage girl, Mulder and Scully fear their partnership may be at an end - at their own hands or by a greater power. One of two July 1998 Book Club Selections.
Close Encounters II - Secrets by Miszti, Erica
  1996-09-03 Rated NC-17 X-File Romance Angst
 Text (614 k)Zip (207 k)
 Scully's archeologist cousin, Amanda, has dug up a nasty secret that is going to cause a whole heap of trouble for Mulder and Scully.
Cruise by Partous, Madeleine
  1996-12-23 Rated R X-File Romance
 Text (216 k)Zip (85 k)
 A series of mysterious deaths aboard its ships leads a cruise line to contact the FBI as rumors of a vengeful ghost begin to fly. Is the killer striking from beyond the grave?
Crying Shame - The Collector's Edition by JEhrat
  1998-08-21 Rated R X-File Angst
CoverText (414 k)Zip (155 k)
 Due to an error on Mulder's part, an abduction by a serial killer endangers and traumatizes Scully. They try to put their lives back together, including learning to trust one another again, and discover a unique connection exists between them.
Culex Pipiens by Mystic & Reilly, Megan
  1996-09-08 Rated PG X-File
 Text (204 k)Zip (76 k)
 Mulder and Scully investigate a series of strange murders linked to dreaming... and start to have strange dreams themselves.
Dark Beyond The Stars - The Collector's Edition by Mesa
  1999-02-07 Rated R X-File Angst Romance
CoverText (218 k)Zip (87 k)
 The bonds that tie us to one another are complex and tangled. Mulder and Scully and Skinner must face the possible severing and reforming of alliances; Krycek and Marita make an unexpected gamble.
Dawnbreak by Ives, Adrian D.
  1999-09-19 Rated PG X-File Angst
CoverText (233 k)Zip (93 k)
 A dreadful encounter from her childhood returns to haunt Scully, as she and Mulder become entangled in the plans of a British government agent, uncovering a conspiracy that spans the globe and reaches back to the dawn of civilisation.
Dea Ex Machina - The Collector's Edition by Pusher
  1998-01-07 Rated NC-17 X-File Angst
CoverText (366 k)Zip (153 k)
 A string of murders, several killers, cancer, ghosts, psychics, impending madness, black gooey things and deadly sacrifices. Buckle up your seatbelts because it's going to be one hellacious ride for Mulder and Scully.
Denial is Not a River in Egypt - The Collector's Edition by H Lynn
  1998-11-05 Rated PG X-File
CoverText (219 k)Zip (85 k)
 Explores the events that might have occurred between Folie a Deux and The End. Mulder and Scully are investigating a series of odd deaths in Devil's Lake, Wisconsin, when evidence begins to point to an unlikely subject; a wolf from American Indian legend.
Devil's Advocate I by Reed, Annie & Cohen, Cheryl
  1996-10-17 Rated R X-File Angst
 Text (343 k)Zip (131.64 k)
 Mulder and Scully investigate deaths aboard a cruise line as Mulder seeks to survive 'the cruise from hell'.
Domination of Lies - The Collector's Edition by Slatton, C.
  1998-05-09 Rated PG X-File Humor Angst
CoverText (234 k)Zip (92 k)
 Mulder, disillusioned with his beliefs, hauls Scully on a case for Violent Crimes and they stumble into a mystery that hits a little too close to home.
Elixir Trilogy, The - The Collector's Edition by Rusnak, Rebecca
  1998-08-12 Rated PG X-File Romance Angst
CoverText (205 k)Zip (78 k)
 Posing as a married couple for an undercover assignment holds more than one kind of danger for Mulder and Scully. When Scully becomes infected with something not from this world, a figure from her past reappears. Events come to a head when Scully fires on her partner and flees. With the help of his new ally, Mulder races to find Scully before other, more sinister elements do.
ELS - The Collector's Edition by Rambo, Dawson
  1998-04-21 Rated NC-17 X-File Romance Angst
CoverText (1264 k)Zip (477 k)
 Mulder ditches Scully yet again, and she puts her foot down regarding his treatment of her. The events that occur have serious implications for the future of the X-Files Division, and their partnership.
Entropy - The Collector's Edition by Maraschino
  1997-11-15 Rated R X-File Angst
CoverText (722 k)Zip (283 k)
 Secrets are exposed, the truth beckons and three powers battle for global domination -- two of them after Mulder, who finally discovers where he stands in the grand scheme of things. Contains Entropy I and its sequel Entropy II.
Estancia - The Collector's Edition by Rabun, Alanna
  1998-08-01 Rated PG X-File Romance Angst
CoverText (216 k)Zip (85 k)
 The long journey home...
Everybody Having a Good Time by Sabine
  2000-02-03 Rated R X-File Romance
CoverText (253 k)Zip (101 k)
 Apocalypse, Character Death, MSR, X-File.
Face of Evil by dlynn
  2000-05-29 Rated R X-File Romance
CoverText (256 k)Zip (104 k)
 I was always intrigued with the ending to Calusari. The face of evil is sometimes closer than you think.
Faeries by Brain, The & Pen, The
  1998-01-14 Rated NC-17 X-File Romance
 Text (236 k)Zip (94 k)
 Mulder and Scully pursue a peculiar case in Cornwall and discover things within each other at the same time.
Family Ties - Men of Conspiracy by Nistor, Jenn
  1996-11-16 Rated R X-File Romance Angst
CoverText (433 k)Zip (153.7 k)
 An epic saga of the conspiracy and how it has affected the lives of Mulder and Scully and their families and friends.
Fire Eaters, The by Ensro, Ashlea & Anna Otto
  1999-12-29 Rated R X-File Romance Angst
 Text (251 k)Zip (101 k)
 ...and there will come a ghost whose broken heart will infect the hearts of others, whose madness will consume the lives of all around him, and no one will be safe from him... then, the inseparable partners will be cut apart, the traitor will betray once more, the long-lost woman with the mind of a child will be a prize in the tug of war, and the old man who thought his soul was gone will be proven wrong... but the rivers of blood will never be deep enough for the fire eaters.
Five I, The by Somebody Else
  1997-05-20 Rated NC-17 X-File Angst
CoverText (397 k)Zip (147 k)
 A haunting childhood memory, Krycek's return from the silo and a Japanese astronomer's discovery provide Mulder and Scully with the clues they need to begin unraveling they mystery of Samantha's disappearance.
Five II, The by Somebody Else
  1997-05-29 Rated NC-17 X-File Angst
 Text (470 k)Zip (177 k)
 Having discovered that Samantha was taken as a hostage to be exchanged for five survivors from the Roswell crash, Mulder and Scully go looking for The Five.
Future Horizons - The Collector's Edition by Karr, Emilie Renee
  1997-11-03 Rated PG X-File
CoverText (416 k)Zip (162 k)
 Terry Guss is the newest agent assigned to the X-Files division, where he soon finds that all of the mysteries they investigate, the greatest is Director Fox Mulder. And though they might have found the solution to that enigma in Dana Scully, there are other questions out there that they have yet to learn the answers. Contains Future Horizons and Horizons: Homecoming.
Garden District Murders, The - The Collector's Edition by W., Heidi
  1998-05-01 Rated NC-17 X-File Angst
CoverText (334 k)Zip (127 k)
 Mulder and Scully attempt to solve a serial murder case in New Orleans. Whether they actually solve it or not is open to interpretation.
Generation X by Kosatka, Julia E. & Matthews-Simmons, Kellie
  1995-03-24 Rated NC-17 X-File Romance
 Text (310 k)Zip (115 k)
 On their way back from Washington, Mulder and Scully get stranded at a remote house in Pennsylvania with a young woman with considerable paranormal ability and a family history of alien abduction. After Mulder and Jeanne disappear for several hours under bizarre circumstances, even Scully is convinced that there is something strange going on.
Genesis of Revelation, The by Lynn, H
  2000-03-12 Rated PG X-File
 Text (260 k)Zip (104 k)
 Sequel to "Denial is Not a River in Egypt." The truth is not what it seems to be....after finding evidence that leads to Dr. Scanlon, Mulder and Scully discover help is coming from an unlikely source. Meanwhile, a young woman dreams of a horrible possibility for the future--which directly affects Mulder and Scully.
Ghost - The Collector's Edition by Rasmussen, P. C.
  1998-03-30 Rated R X-File Angst
CoverText (246 k)Zip (92 k)
 After getting a new partner, Scully and Mulder go on a ghost hunt in a haunted house. Things don't turn out the way they expect and naturally, Mulder ends up getting hurt.