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Seasons: Book III - The Collector's Edition by Dettmann, Jude
  1998-05-27 Rated NC-17 Story Romance
CoverText (344 k)Zip (136 k)
 Contains Ice Out, Vernal Equinox, and the Epilogue. Through the winter of loneliness and fear Walter and Rae struggle to maintain their spiritual bond. But at ice out, Rae plans a bold escape from Alex's captivity and Walter rushes to find her. The strength of their love and their bond, although tested, survives. But, Alex has escaped and remains at large. Who knows what mischief he may yet lead them into?
Seven Stages of Human Madness by Shen, Linda
  2000-05-29 Rated R Story Romance
 Text (247 k)Zip (100 k)
 The courtroom battle of the century that tests the legal system's boundaries is the case that broke all the rules. A single night of passion could ruin Mulder and Scully's relationship forever. The dam has broken, the lies come out, and everything they have built for themselves comes crashing down. Can they withstand the pressure? The situation changes and ebbs to the seven stages of human madness...
Seventh Age, The by Hearne, David
  1999-12-29 Rated R Story
 Text (286 k)Zip (111 k)
Shirt, The - The Collector's Edition by Roget, Audrey
  1999-01-01 Rated NC-17 Story Romance Angst
CoverText (202 k)Zip (85 k)
 Set between Pine Bluff Variant and The End. The traditional toss of a bridal bouquet at the wedding of a colleague (yes, a cheesey situation, but work with me here) sets Mulder and Scully on a relationship slalom which causes them to question the nature of truth in their lives.
Sideswiped - The Collector's Edition by Mudsprite
  1998-05-20 Rated NC-17 Story Angst
CoverText (212 k)Zip (85 k)
 When an accident robs Mulder of his memory, Scully, Skinner and - surprise! - Mrs. Mulder arrive to help him recover.
Silver Bracelet, The - The Collector's Edition by Ray, Brandon D.
  1998-12-30 Rated NC-17 Story Romance Angst
CoverText (271 k)Zip (101 k)
 This story deals with Dana Scully's infertility, as well as her religious faith, and attempts to explore how those two issues might affect a romantic relationship with Fox Mulder. I have attempted to avoid excessive sap, and there is more than a little angst herein. However, this is basically a happy story, because I'm basically a happy guy.
Sins of Our Past, The by Lakota
  1999-06-12 Rated PG-13 Story Romance
 Text (228 k)Zip (84 k)
 The ring - Who was Mulder married to? What happened to his wife? Where does Diana fit into the picture and is Mulder Jacob's daddy? With all these questions, it's Scully who rescues Mulder from his past.
Skinner in Three Acts - The Collector's Edition by frogdoggie
  1998-06-11 Rated NC-17 Story Romance Angst
 Text (525 k)Zip (204 k)
 A trilogy of stories featuring Assistant Director Walter S. Skinner combined into one novel. Skinner goes through a difficult personal crisis involving Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, amongst others. It's short sharp shock time"" for Skinner. But all turns out well in the end as Walter deals with being responsible for his actions. Contains Innigkeit
Smoke and Mirrors - The Collector's Edition by Martin, Riopa & Radthea
  1998-02-24 Rated NC-17 Story Angst
CoverText (209 k)Zip (82 k)
 Fox Mulder tries to work through his reactions after Redux II.
Spell by Rocherolle, Kelli
  1996-10-12 Rated R Story Romance
CoverText (450 k)Zip (165 k)
 A classic, beloved novel about their long term romance.
Spooked by Melody & Bickerstaffe, Suzanne
  1997-09-25 Rated R Story Angst
 Text (203 k)Zip (78.96 k)
 A clerk-typist tells the story of her experiences with Mulder and Scully, on loan to the VCU to investigate a serial murder case involving witchcraft and past horrors.
Stay Awake - The Collector's Edition by Jackson, Iain-Padraic
  1998-01-08 Rated NC-17 Story Romance Angst
CoverText (429 k)Zip (159 k)
 Our Favorite FBI Agent and his encounters with sex. angst, and the occasional clone. Includes Stay Awake I - VII.
Strength to Carry On, The - The Collector's Edition by Schaafsma, Renata
  1998-03-22 Rated PG Story Angst
 Text (222.69 k)Zip (89 k)
 A Faustian bargain by a friend lands Mulder and Scully in a strange hospital they know nothing about, fighting to retain their awakening memories and find out how they got there. But when Scully's secret is revealed, how much will Mulder still value the truth? Contains Books I-III and the epilogue.
Subterfuge by Xanthe
  2000-03-12 Rated NC-17 Story
 Text (444 k)Zip (175 k)
 Mulder and Skinner go undercover in the gay/BDSM underworld in order to investigate a spate of murders, and in the process discover their own true selves.
Summer's Lease by Ray, Brandon D,
  2000-05-14 Rated NC-17 Story Romance Angst
CoverText (238 k)Zip (91 k)
 Just as Mulder and Scully have finally consummated their relationship, a man from Scully's past reappears. But will his intrusion bring the partners closer? Or drive them apart?
Thimble for Peter, A by DeLuca, Cheryl & Anderson, S.
  1997-03-14 Rated R Story Romance Angst
 Text (241.51 k)Zip (94 k)
 In the wake of an unexpected event, Mulder and Scully must overcome pride and uncertainty before too much time has passed.
Tiger Complex, The by LoneGunGuy
  1999-09-26 Rated R Story
CoverText (355 k)Zip (142 k)
 While investigating a gruesome catastrophe in the Amazon rain forest, Mulder and Scully struggle against a mysterious killer, their own suspicions and the unforgiving jungle itself.
Tootsie Pop by Evielouise
  2000-10-26 Rated NC-17 Story Romance
 Text (248.37 k)Zip (98 k)
 Mulder gets the munchies whilst doing paperwork in the basement with Scully.
Trials Series - The Collector's Edition by Hall, Char
  1996-11-25 Rated R Story Romance Angst
 Text (358.73 k)Zip (135 k)
 Discovering some horrible things from Scully's past, including the fact that her mother was arrested for the murder of her husband, Marcy Mulder must deal with this new information. Unfortunately, Scully's past has come back to haunt her. Includes the latest installment Trials of Life.
Triangle Series, The: The Collector's Edition by Jameson, Susan
  2000-05-14 Rated R Story Romance Angst
CoverText (558 k)Zip (213 k)
 You don't always get to choose whom you will love. Sometimes, though, you find a way to live with it.
Triangle Squared by Kelly, K. Elizabeth
  1999-05-30 Rated PG Story
 Text (365 k)Zip (144 k)
 Wrapping up some loose ends that followed Triangle (6x03). Shippy, yes, but non-shippers would probably enjoy as well.
True Business by Flemming, Sarah
  1997-06-14 Rated PG Story Romance Angst
 Text (343 k)Zip (129 k)
 A deaf woman with unique abilities assists Scully and Mulder in locating Samantha.
Truth - The Collector's Edition by Taylor, Jessica Zyvarek & Reilly, Megan
  1998-03-14 Rated PG Story Romance Humor
CoverText (646.68 k)Zip (245 k)
 Mulder drags Scully on a case that involves an adventurous honeymoon cruise. But they're not married, and Scully's not sure there even *is* a case! Can the Bermuda Triangle and all its weirdness get these two together? Read it, laugh, and find out!
Unnatural Disaster by Michaela
  2000-05-14 Rated R Story
 Text (560.95 k)Zip (226 k)
 It's hard enough when your mistakes come back to haunt you. Harder still when you're a federal agent. Hardest yet when your partner's help is the first thing you need, but the last thing you want ...
Unreasonable Facsimile by Deenalynn
  2000-03-12 Rated R Story Romance Angst
 Text (204 k)Zip (77 k)
 What do you do, when everything you are turns out to be a lie?
Vestigy by lisby
  1999-05-30 Rated R Story Angst Slash
 Text (207 k)Zip (88 k)
 Vestigy' takes place in the near future, after the planned invasion of the planet, focusing on the radically altered existence of Walter Skinner.
Visions - The Collector's Edition by Ackerson, Jeannine
  1998-08-01 Rated NC-17 Story Romance
CoverText (380 k)Zip (145.77 k)
 The death of a family member puts into action a chain of events leading up to danger, romance and a turn of events that recreates the X-Files and changes Mulder and Scully's lives forever.
Vulpecula, The Collector's Edition by jeri
  2000-10-26 Rated PG-13 Story Romance Angst
 Text (207 k)Zip (83 k)
 Picks up after Requiem and follows Scully's thoughts as she cares for her child and searches for her love.
Walking the Line: Book I - The Collector's Edition by XF Stew
  1998-01-03 Rated NC-17 Story Romance
CoverText (534 k)Zip (210 k)
 Scully strikes up a friendship with an intriguing young woman. Lieutenant Commander Anne Kazmerowski of the US Navy is smart, witty, talented, and extremely attractive. Scully finds herself drawn to Kaz, and experiencing powerful feelings she's never dealt with before. What is she going to tell Mulder... or her mother? Contains Walking the Line I, II & III.
Walking the Line: Book II - The Collector's Edition by XF Stew
  1998-04-12 Rated NC-17 Story Romance Angst
 Text (315 k)Zip (125 k)
 Tunguska and Terma only told half the story. This is the rest of it. Continues the development of Scully's relationship with Naval Commander Anne Kazmerowski. Contains Walking the Line IV.
Water Line, The by Reilly, Megan
  1999-06-08 Rated R Story Romance
CoverText (291 k)Zip (111 k)
 A horn blast for Scully's life.
Will to Survive - The Collector's Edition by Ahlmen, Heidi
  1998-08-31 Rated R Story Angst
CoverText (212 k)Zip (83.72 k)
 A situation as shocking and dramatic as the hijacking of a plane changes Scully's life.
Wind River by Faye, Cathleen
  1999-11-20 Rated NC-17 Story
CoverText (318 k)Zip (120.43 k)
 A small town, well-kept secrets, a serial killer, and sexual cravings. Dangerous affairs all around. Story notes: With the exception of Biogenesis, this story takes place within the series time frame.
Winter by Branwell
  1999-09-26 Rated NC-17 Story Angst
CoverText (217 k)Zip (88 k)
 Mulder finds an X-file to distract him from the pain of Thanksgiving memories and Scully unexpectedly agrees to join him in investigating it. It turns into more than the simple diversion they planned. A darker mystery presents itself and threatens to expose more of their own emotions than they want to reveal. This experience starts a change in the Mulder and Scully relationship. In Winter II they find themselves dealing with the issue they have successfully avoided for seven years---their exclusive attachment to each other and their mutual physical attraction.
Wish, The - The Collector's Edition by viXen
  1997-09-16 Rated NC-17 Story Romance Angst
CoverText (217 k)Zip (86 k)
 On St. Patrick's Day, Mulder and Scully are given the chance to see what might have been had they taken different paths in life. Contains The Wish I-III.
Wonderland - The Collector's Edition by Rasch, Karen
  1998-09-12 Rated NC-17 Story Romance Angst
CoverText (279 k)Zip (111.82 k)
 As Scully's cancer worsens, Mulder and she grow closer together, both learning that the only chance they have to survive is to draw strength from each other. Contains: Of Cabbages and Kings, Impossible Things, More Than Nothing, and Joining the Dance.
World Without End, Book 1 by Anton, Rachel
  1999-05-30 Rated NC-17 Story Angst
 Text (227 k)Zip (88 k)
Worth Breaking by Law, Narida
  2000-04-01 Rated NC-17 Story Romance Angst
 Text (514 k)Zip (199 k)
 Mulder and Scully embark on a relationship neither is able to handle, and the question of what is or isn't worth breaking must be answered.
Wounded Heart - The Collector's Edition by Davis, Sherry
  1998-10-04 Rated NC-17 Story Romance
CoverText (308 k)Zip (117 k)
 A body found in Mulder's home town shatters his dreams and prompts him to question his memory of the events surrounding his sister's disappearance.
You'll Be in My Heart by barb
  1999-11-13 Rated PG-13 Story Romance
CoverText (232 k)Zip (89 k)
 Mulder and Scully really want to talk. Their Perfectly planned evening goes horribly awry.
Zoe, The Collector's Edition by Smurf
  2001-06-10 Rated R Story Romance
 Text (278 k)Zip (104 k)
 The story of Zoe originally came from a little inspiration by a Bruce Willis movie called Mercury Rising. Originally, Zoe was supposed to be autistic like Simon. But I figured I better tie it to X-Files more closely by making her psychic. Since then, as my writing has developed, so has she. Now she has become as complex as Mulder or Scully. She is my favorite character, and it makes me sad to think that I soon have to part with her. All things to and end, as they say. Enjoy Zoe's epic and make a little Smurf happy as she plots the end. ;o)