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JackeeC -- XJedi I
  1996-01-25 Rated PG Crossover
 Text (564 k)Zip (212 k)
 Luke, Han and Leia cross paths with Mulder and Scully when they make an unscheduled visit to Earth.
JackeeC & Gheorghe2 & ginef -- XJedi II
  1996-09-30 Rated PG Crossover
 Text (556 k)Zip (218 k)
 Luke, Han and Leia realize they've left some unfinished business on Earth. Meanwhile, Agent Mulder is experiencing an unusual physical anomaly. And both Mulder and Scully are beginning to have alarming flashbacks about flying primates.
Jackson, Iain-Padraic -- Stay Awake - The Collector's Edition
  1998-01-08 Rated NC-17 Story Romance Angst
CoverText (429 k)Zip (159 k)
 Our Favorite FBI Agent and his encounters with sex. angst, and the occasional clone. Includes Stay Awake I - VII.
Jameson, Susan -- Triangle Series, The: The Collector's Edition
  2000-05-14 Rated R Story Romance Angst
CoverText (558 k)Zip (213 k)
 You don't always get to choose whom you will love. Sometimes, though, you find a way to live with it.
Jekel, Julie -- Top Secret - The Collector's Edition
  1998-06-12 Rated PG Crossover
CoverText (205 k)Zip (78 k)
 The revised version. Mulder, Scully, Lois, and Clark are the only people who can save Project Quantum Leap from a blackmailer and Scully must take an unbelievable chance to save her partner's life...
Jekel, Julie L. -- Schism
  1999-06-01 Rated PG-13 Story Romance Angst
CoverText (222 k)Zip (87 k)
 A horrible discovery and a bitter misunderstanding lead to the severing of Mulder and Scully's partnership. Can an old friend of Scully's help them set things right before their enemies decide to take Mulder out of the way...permanently?
Jekel, Julie L. -- Sky Lights - The Collector's Edition
  1999-02-07 Rated PG-13 X-File Romance Angst
CoverText (305 k)Zip (120 k)
 Sometimes the Truth is in the last place you look for it...
Jen & Lauren -- Wishful Thinking
  1998-11-01 Rated PG-13 X-File Angst
CoverText (314 k)Zip (122 k)
 Wishes can't come true, or can they?
Jess -- Binding The Edges
  1999-09-16 Rated PG-13 X-File Romance Angst
 Text (310 k)Zip (120 k)
 When a mysterious case brings Mulder and Scully back to Texas, they find themselves suddenly thrust deeper into the conspiracy than they've ever been before. And with the threat of colonization at their heels, its a race against time as they try to fight the future, only to find themselves at the center of it all.
Johnie -- Presence of Absence, The
  1997-11-03 Rated NC-17 Story Romance Angst
 Text (204 k)Zip (78 k)
 There's tension between the partners, so Scully's about to take a vacation with a friend when Mulder digs up"" something from the past. She reluctantly agrees to investigate
Jones, Alex & E. & Lisby -- Chances Series, The
  1996-08-28 Rated NC-17 Story Romance
 Text (283 k)Zip (108 k)
 Mulder and Skinner face trials and tribulations as they start a relationship. Includes Chances I-IV.
Jordan -- Cold Angel Eye, A - The Collector's Edition
  1998-04-22 Rated NC-17 Story
 Text (347 k)Zip (132 k)
 After Scully has sex with Skinner in a moment of extreme mental duress, she and Mulder head for Texas to investigate an X-File involving a Senator's missing daughter, a white slave ring, a migrating pawnshop, a graveyard visitation, and the origin of the Great Monkey-Weasel debate.
Judd, Deslea R. -- Offspring - The Collector's Edition
  1996-09-01 Rated R X-File Romance
CoverText (313 k)Zip (121 k)
 Scully is abducted again and Skinner risks it all to get her back. Once their lives start to get back to normal the happy couple discover she's pregnant, but then things take a serious turn for the worst. Is the child she's carrying really his? Is it really human? Can they survive their quest for the truth?
Juliettt -- Vengeance
  1996-12-07 Rated PG X-File Romance Angst
 Text (395 k)Zip (146 k)
 Features Sheryl Martin's character Jackie St. George. Picks up where the episode Anasazi leaves off and offers a different solution to the boxcar dilemma.
Juliettt & Macspooky & Eowyn -- Generations: Book II - The Collector's Edition
  1996-01-30 Rated R Story Romance Angst
CoverText (617 k)Zip (240 k)
 Mulder and Scully work a horrific case on Martha's Vineyard in which the bodies of several young girls are found. Margaret Scully marries Walter Skinner. We learn more about Mulder's relationship with Phoebe Greene. He reveals something to his wife that he is deeply ashamed of. Dana gets a cold and Fox takes care of her. Then the two of them take a trip to Ireland where Fox learns a great deal about family he never knew he had.
K., Dasha -- Increments
  1999-07-12 Rated NC-17 Story Romance Angst
CoverText (290 k)Zip (117 k)
 Sometimes love and healing don't happen all at once, but in increments. After Scully's shooting, she and Mulder must learn to finally accept change in their relationship.
K.B. Yeats (Kelley Walters and Brighid) -- Rose In The Deeps, A - The Collector's Edition
  1998-12-30 Rated PG Story Angst
CoverText (256.04 k)Zip (101 k)
 Scully receives a great-aunt's journal, and an invitation to stay in a haunted house. With them comes a new understanding of loss, and second chances.
Kaminsky, Brenda & Spivey, Christina -- Future X-Files
  1997-02-23 Rated PG Story Romance
 Text (207.49 k)Zip (78 k)
 Tragedy forces the closing of the X-Files and returns to haunt Mulder and Scully's daughter when she reopens them almost 30 years later. This is her story.
Karr, Emilie Renee -- Future Horizons - The Collector's Edition
  1997-11-03 Rated PG X-File
CoverText (416 k)Zip (162 k)
 Terry Guss is the newest agent assigned to the X-Files division, where he soon finds that all of the mysteries they investigate, the greatest is Director Fox Mulder. And though they might have found the solution to that enigma in Dana Scully, there are other questions out there that they have yet to learn the answers. Contains Future Horizons and Horizons: Homecoming.
Kassandra -- Out of the Dark - The Collector's Edition
  1998-02-01 Rated NC-17 Story Romance Angst
CoverText (971 k)Zip (375 k)
 How far will a man go to escape the inside of his own head? When Frohike sends Mulder to a vacation on a sexual Fantasy Island, he finds himself falling under the spell of Alex Hoffman. Ultimately, Hoffman's obsession with Mulder leads him to danger, from which Skinner must help him escape.
Katvictory -- Damascus Files - File 1, The
  1999-11-20 Rated R Story Romance Torture
 Text (438 k)Zip (175 k)
 Mulder gains amazing and frightening psychic powers after suffering a debilitating, life altering head injury. The search for the truth, of where the powers come from lead the pair to Central America and some amazing discoveries about God, aliens and themselves.
Kel -- Basketball Therapy
  1999-08-06 Rated PG-13 X-File Romance Angst
 Text (278 k)Zip (108 k)
 Set shortly before Tithonus, this story explores life in the bullpen, where tedium and background checks are the order of the day. When Scully gets drawn into an investigation at a Maryland hospital, Mulder gets trapped in a deadly hostage situation.
Keller, Mary Ruth -- Archaea - The Collector's Edition
  1997-04-03 Rated PG X-File
CoverText (617 k)Zip (252 k)
 Mulder and Scully investigate a potentially deadly microscopic life-form recovered from volcanic rocks in Washington State. But when their seemingly straightforward case comes to the attention of the Consortium and an unexpected group of outsiders, they must use all the resources at their disposal to safeguard it from falling into the wrong hands.
Keller, Mary Ruth -- Passages In Memory - The Collector's Edition
  1996-10-12 Rated PG X-File
CoverText (434 k)Zip (177 k)
 As the shadow government reconsolidates in the wake of its recent coup, Mulder and Scully take possession of a document that may lead them to her whereabouts during the three months she was missing, and possibly, the original purposes behind the formation of the Consortium. Along the way, they find unexpected allies and enemies, as well as some clues that may lead them to Samantha.
Keller, Mary Ruth -- Rustic Suite - The Collector's Edition
  1996-08-29 Rated PG X-File Humor
CoverText (302 k)Zip (123 k)
 The revised version. Mulder drags Scully down to rural Arkansas to investigate what he believes are UFO-style cattle mutilations and what she thinks are coyote attacks. Along the way they learn more about themselves, each other, and what makes their partnership work.
Keller, Mary Ruth -- Sins of the Fathers - The Collector's Edition
  1997-06-18 Rated R X-File
CoverText (506 k)Zip (203 k)
 CSM sets Mulder and the son of another old colleague against each other. Mulder and Scully come away with information on the Consortium they weren't supposed to find, and may have to die to keep. Several months later, their discoveries return to haunt them when the ancient world of the Maya collides with the present day in ways no one, least of all the X-team, expected.
Keller, Mary Ruth -- Twelfth Night - The Collector's Edition
  1996-05-09 Rated PG X-File
CoverText (503 k)Zip (204 k)
 On the eve of the Presidential election, Mulder and Scully are handed a case about vanishing homeless to keep them out of an investigation about missing artworks. A very much attached Phoebe Green is assigned to shadow Mulder's Mother, and there is unrest among the younger members of the Consortium. Senator Matheson works to move Mulder and Scully out of the basement, but one of the homeless the X-team meets may know about more than just how to keep warm on the streets.
Keller, Mary Ruth -- Zurvan - The Collector's Edition
  1998-01-17 Rated R X-File
CoverText (1317 k)Zip (523 k)
 While Mulder and Scully prepare to defend Mr. X against charges drummed up against him by the Consortium, they discover that the shape-shifting aliens have taken an unusual interest in recycling. Mulder's mother and stepfather make discoveries about Samantha that eventually require both Mulder and Scully's investigative abilities to understand. CSM prepares to engineer his own return to power and we find out why Senator Matheson has been so helpful to the X-team.
Kelly C. & Tooms, Jenna -- After Midnight
  1999-12-29 Rated NC-17 Story Romance
 Text (385 k)Zip (154 k)
 Mulder and Scully move through the events of season six, carefully changing from friends to lovers.
Kelly, K. Elizabeth -- Triangle Squared
  1999-05-30 Rated PG Story
 Text (365 k)Zip (144 k)
 Wrapping up some loose ends that followed Triangle (6x03). Shippy, yes, but non-shippers would probably enjoy as well.
Kemystre -- Fifth Column, The
  2002-04-27 Rated NC-17 Story Angst Romance
 Text (535 k)Zip (186 k)
 After the events of Sixth Extinction: Amor Fati, Mulder and Scully come to a crossroad in their relationship. The decision that Mulder makes will forever change their path together and quite possibly cost Scully her life.
Kestabrook -- Non Fidelis
  1999-08-06 Rated PG-13 X-File
CoverText (214 k)Zip (87.02 k)
 Mulder and Scully investigate in Probity, NY, where naughty men suffer!
Kestabrook -- Redemption
  1999-08-06 Rated PG-13 X-File
CoverText (200 k)Zip (81 k)
 Mulder is taken hostage by a militant group, and Scully deals with that and with her brother.
Kiley, Sarah -- Complications I
  1996-09-11 Rated R Adventure Romance
CoverText (374 k)Zip (136 k)
 After Mulder is in a car accident, Scully continues the investigation in an effort to save him- but does he want to be saved?
Kiley, Sarah -- Complications II - Second Chances
  1996-09-21 Rated NC-17 Adventure Romance
CoverText (488 k)Zip (176 k)
 Four months after being arrested, Mulder breaks out of prison and seeks Scully's help in clearing his name. To do so, they must make a cross-country trip on the run from the law while Scully has second thoughts about marrying another man. Could this be Mulder and Scully's second chance?
Kiley, Sarah -- Complications III - Last Dance
  1996-09-08 Rated R Adventure Romance
CoverText (830.27 k)Zip (306 k)
 Enlisting Zora's help, Mulder tries to alter the course of history, and the fate of not only he and Scully, but of their centuries-old guardians as well. But how can there be so many complications in each reality? Are they destined to be together, only to be ripped viciously apart?
Kiley, Sarah -- Jubilee - The Collector's Edition
  1997-09-16 Rated R Story Romance Angst
CoverText (243 k)Zip (94 k)
 After once again healing Mulder's emotional wounds, Dana Scully comes to a decision that will change both of their lives forever. Contains Jubilee I-VI.
Kiley, Sarah -- Love, The Missing Word
  1996-10-16 Rated PG Adventure Romance Angst
CoverText (281 k)Zip (110 k)
 Mulder and Scully have been drafted into WWIII. Is distance making the heart grow fonder?
Kingsley, Gemma -- Keeping It In the Family - The Collector's Edition
  1998-08-31 Rated NC-17 Story Romance Angst
CoverText (227.37 k)Zip (84 k)
 Believe the Lie, but how deep does the deceit run? What will Mulder and Scully do after Gethsemane and how is Bill Scully involved in all this? Contains Keeping It In the Family I & II.
Kosatka, Julia E. & Matthews-Simmons, Kellie -- Generation X
  1995-03-24 Rated NC-17 X-File Romance
 Text (310 k)Zip (115 k)
 On their way back from Washington, Mulder and Scully get stranded at a remote house in Pennsylvania with a young woman with considerable paranormal ability and a family history of alien abduction. After Mulder and Jeanne disappear for several hours under bizarre circumstances, even Scully is convinced that there is something strange going on.
Kosatka, Julia E. & Matthews-Simmons, Kellie -- In the Dark (PG Version)
  1996-02-08 Rated PG Crossover
 Text (433 k)Zip (163 k)
 Mulder and Scully investigate a serial killer who uses a sword, and get some unexpected answers. Duncan McLeod has to avenge the deaths of friends, and meets a woman who is more than she seems.
Kristina Corey-Cecilia Quintana -- Immortality
  1999-06-12 Rated R Story Angst
CoverText (286 k)Zip (108 k)
 This is an alternate universe story - Spender is alive. The title of the first story is based on a Neil Young song - Fallen Angel, Where's Your Savior Tonight? The title of the third is based on a Pearl Jam song - Tremor Christ.
Kronos -- Abyss Looks Back, The - The Collector's Edition
  1998-03-26 Rated R X-File Angst
CoverText (549 k)Zip (202 k)
 Mulder is the Bureau's last hope for solving a horrific child kidnapping/murder case and is assigned as behavioral specialist consultant. It's Skinner and Scully's job to keep him well and sane long enough to prevent another death. Similarities to both victim and killer profiles create an uneasy resonance in Mulder, who must fight to maintain enough of a professional distance so as to avoid an unrecoverable slide into the abyss.
Kronos -- And Chaos Shall Reign - The Collector's Edition
  1998-08-05 Rated R X-File Angst
CoverText (853 k)Zip (315 k)
 Takes place between Folie a Deux and The End. Mulder and Scully are called in to investigate the explosion of an air separation plant in Hampton, Virginia, in which more than a hundred people were killed. Mulder struggles against self-doubt and considers his future with the Bureau, even as he and Scully become embroiled in politics when their opinion as to what occurred runs contrary to that of the local FBI SAC. Despite the roadblocks, their investigation leads them to a conspiracy whose purpose could result in an even worse disaster. Skinner joins his agents in a race against time that could very well end with all their deaths, along with thousands of innocents.
Kronos -- And Then There Was One - The Collector's Edition
  1998-05-20 Rated R X-File Angst
CoverText (571 k)Zip (215 k)
 Mulder and Scully race to uncover the mystery behind the deaths of eight FBI agents - all linked to three cases from the 1970's in which Skinner was also involved - and now the only one left alive. The three must first determine which case is the link, and then attempt to identify who is behind the subtle yet deadly eliminations, all the while evading being targets themselves.
LaLizWoman and MissElise -- Currents V: Stormbound
  1999-06-05 Rated NC-17 Story Romance
CoverText (675 k)Zip (252 k)
 Recovering from his ordeal in Norfolk, Skinner is drawn into a case that involves a werewolf. Meanwhile, Scully gets hooked into bondage, and Mulder drowns in cherry turnovers.
Ladyhawk and Amatia -- Karma
  1999-06-08 Rated NC-17 Story Angst Romance
 Text (222 k)Zip (86 k)
 Discovering love can be the best, and most difficult thing in the lives of Skinner and Mulder.
Lake, Rhondda -- Cassandra Series: Book I - The Collector's Edition
  1998-03-01 Rated NC-17 X-File Romance
CoverText (228 k)Zip (92 k)
 Empathic Cassandra Troy must confront her downstairs neighbor about his nightmares. They are keeping her awake. But once she becomes involved in the dark and alluring world of Fox Mulder she might lose much more than her heart.
Lake, Rhondda -- Dogged Determintion: Book I - The Collector's Edition
  1997-04-25 Rated NC-17 Crossover Romance Angst
CoverText (663.17 k)Zip (267 k)
 The dog Scully finds is more than he appears, and the people looking for him are willing to kill to find him. This sets off a series of events and case files that change the lives of Agents Mulder and Scully forever. From a crossover with Dean R. Koontz' The Watchers, to Native American spirits, Vampires, Conspiracies and a genius teenager with the strangest ties... Includes installments up through Pandora's Box.