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Catwoman -- Lover - The Collector's Edition
  1998-08-01 Rated PG Story Romance Angst
CoverText (222 k)Zip (83 k)
 They say follow your heart, Follow it through, But how can you, When you're split in two. Sequel to Mother.
Catwoman -- Mother - The Collector's Edition
  1998-07-07 Rated PG Story Romance Angst
CoverText (202 k)Zip (75 k)
 'Scully, I never saw you as a mother before.' This is basically a look at Scully's intense desire to have children and her anguish at the knowledge that she can't... as Mulder sees it. And dare I mention the 'other vial'?
Chaffin, Char -- Deliverance From Evil
  2002-05-08 Rated NC-17 Story Romance
 Text (1167 k)Zip (440 k)
 Mulder and Scully discover the horrifying truth about the alien colonization - and the ensuing battle will test their strength and their committment to each other
Chaffin, Char -- Eden Series, The
  1999-12-28 Rated NC-17 Story Romance
CoverText (371 k)Zip (145 k)
 Taken hostage during a 'deep cover' operation, Mulder and Scully lose their memories, their very existence as humans… and must find a way to survive against overwhelming odds… only to discover the monster responsible for their attempted demise is still out there in the world - and making new plans for them...
Char Chaffin -- Love Somebody, To
  2002-07-03 Rated NC-17 Story Mulder Scully
 Text (350 k)Zip (132 k)
 In the midst of attempting to have a normal romance, Mulder's escalating feelings for Scully, and her deteriorating health due to her advancing cancer, make it impossible for him to commit...
Clay, Sheryl -- Sic Semper Tyrannis
  1995-07-10 Rated PG X-File Romance
 Text (200 k)Zip (74 k)
 Mulder and Scully investigate a break in at Skinner's girlfriend's apartment, a triple murder and an attempt on the life of the President that are all linked by notes left mysteriously at the scene of each crime.
Clay, Sheryl -- Silent Night
  1995-10-04 Rated PG X-File Romance
 Text (265 k)Zip (96 k)
 During a shooting at the Congressional Christmas party, Skinner takes a bullet that threatens his life, and Mulder tries to find out who was the *real* target.
Cleaver, Jason & Nice-Miller, Barbara -- Spirit of Friendship
  1997-04-26 Rated R X-File
 Text (240 k)Zip (94.14 k)
 Scully's spirit is trapped *outside* her body, and Melissa comes to help.
Cohen, Cheryl & Reed, Annie -- Devil's Advocate II - Sanctuary
  1996-10-27 Rated R Adventure Angst
 Text (379 k)Zip (149 k)
 Mulder recuperates from 'the cruise from hell' at the Scully home. Meanwhile, three escaped mental patients decide that would be the perfect place to weather a blizzard.
Colodny, Lisa R. -- Lemniscate
  1997-12-21 Rated R X-File Romance
 Text (553 k)Zip (209 k)
 Mulder and Scully travel to rural Kentucky to investigate a series of unexplained drownings where they are teamed with a young FBI agent with an agenda all his own.
Cooksey, Laura -- Pidge - The Collector's Edition
  1995-08-24 Rated NC-17 X-File
 Text (354 k)Zip (135 k)
 Scully finds an odd medical study that sparks Mulder's interest in an unsolved murder. While investigating the case, they stumble across a young girl who is being held against her will in a research facility. Why? Contains Miracles and Head Games.
Cottrell, Rory D. -- Building a Mystery - The Collector's Edition
  1996-03-11 Rated PG X-File Romance Angst
CoverText (685 k)Zip (267 k)
 A series of stories that follow common threads through some of the X-Files story lines; closures to some story lines and a few case files thrown in for good measure. Includes Opposite Poles.
Crash -- Ripped - The Collector's Edition
  1998-06-11 Rated NC-17 X-File Romance
CoverText (247 k)Zip (97 k)
 Mulder and Scully track a serial killer that thinks he's Jack the Ripper while attempting to train two young agents. Mayhem ensues.
Crash & frogdoggie -- Fugue for the Forgotten - The Collector's Edition
  1998-04-21 Rated NC-17 Story Romance Angst
CoverText (390 k)Zip (150 k)
 Scully has a crisis of faith after the death of Emily. She and Mulder then learn they have a child together. How? Read on and find out...
Dasha K. -- Blinded by White Light
  2000-05-14 Rated NC-17 Story Romance Angst
CoverText (282 k)Zip (111 k)
 What are we, but the sum of our memories?
Dasha K. -- Red Valerian - The Collector's Edition
  1998-12-30 Rated NC-17 Story Romance
CoverText (221 k)Zip (90 k)
 When three lives intersect, a triangle is formed.
Dasha K. and Plausible Deniability -- Professional, The
  1999-11-13 Rated NC-17 X-File Romance Angst
CoverText (319 k)Zip (126 k)
 A woman from Mulder's past returns, desperately needing his and Scully's help.
Davis, Sherry -- Wounded Heart - The Collector's Edition
  1998-10-04 Rated NC-17 Story Romance
CoverText (308 k)Zip (117 k)
 A body found in Mulder's home town shatters his dreams and prompts him to question his memory of the events surrounding his sister's disappearance.
Dawn -- Blood Ties
  1999-08-06 Rated PG-13 Story Angst
CoverText (346 k)Zip (139 k)
 Contains Blood Ties I, II, and III. In Blood Ties I, upon the death of his mother Mulder learns a family secret that will change his life forever. In Blood Ties II: Powerless, a month has passed since the events in Raleigh, and Mulder isn't coping well. At a loss, Scully calls in Grey with the hope he can help. Finally, in Blood Ties III: A Nice Trip to the Forest, something is causing an epidemic of missing persons in the Smoky Mountains. When a good friend attempts to investigate and subsequently disappears, Grey enlists Mulder and Scully's help to search for him. What they find is an X-File.
Dawn -- Blood Ties IV: Shredded Hearts
  1999-09-19 Rated R X-File Angst
 Text (241 k)Zip (97.46 k)
 A serial killer mimicking the Paper Hearts murders pushes Mulder to the edge of a breakdown. When Skinner removes him from the case, Grey and Scully talk him into a trip to North Carolina to get his mind off the investigation. The killer, however, has other ideas…
Dawn -- Blood Ties V: Legacies
  1999-11-20 Rated PG-13 X-File Angst
 Text (303 k)Zip (123 k)
 Grey finally obtains first hand knowledge of the Consortium, and more than one old enemy resurfaces.
Daydreamer -- Mara - The Collector's Edition
  1998-12-30 Rated NC-17 Story Angst
CoverText (210 k)Zip (81 k)
Daydreamer -- Memory Trilogy, The - The Collector's Edition
  1998-09-08 Rated R Story Romance Angst
CoverText (274 k)Zip (104 k)
 Mulder is abducted, beaten, and given a serum to stimulate memories of the night Samantha disappeared. Scully finds him, tends him while he recovers, then helps him deal with new memories of that fateful night. Contains: Recovery of the Man, Restoration of the Mind, and Reclamation of the Soul.
Daydreamer -- Profiles In Caring - The Collector's Edition
  1999-06-08 Rated NC-17 Story Angst
CoverText (954 k)Zip (366 k)
 In part one, after her release from the hospital, Scully follows Mulder to where he is working on a case for VCS. In part two, Mulder, Skinner, and Scully are called to testify at the trial. Things quickly turn dangerous as Emerson escapes and Scully goes missing. In part three, Mulder, Skinner, and Scully are home and recovering. when a self-purported alien abductee decides to take Mulder for a show and tell ride, Scully is there too, and Skinner must find them before it is too late. Through Part 5, The Nibbler Case.
Daydreamer -- Retrieval Series
  1999-06-13 Rated NC-17 Adventure Angst Romance
CoverText (444 k)Zip (173 k)
 Mulder and Scully mysteriously disappear, and Skinner must face his past to save them.
Daza, Penny -- Friends Even In Childhood - The Collector's Edition
  1997-11-26 Rated R Story Angst
CoverText (198.46 k)Zip (79 k)
 Mulder and Scully meet as children and then again later as adults. Contains Friends Even In Childhood I-III.
Daza, Penny -- No More Demons - The Collector's Edition
  1999-03-23 Rated NC-17 Story Angst
CoverText (210 k)Zip (84 k)
 Mulder and Scully find a way to keep the nightmares away.
De Luca, Cheryl & Taylor-Bare, Marsha -- Old Ghosts
  1998-12-30 Rated R X-File Romance
 Text (301 k)Zip (113 k)
 Mulder goes off to handle a case on his own and unwittingly puts his partner and their relationship at risk.
DeLuca, Cheryl & Anderson, S. -- Thimble for Peter, A
  1997-03-14 Rated R Story Romance Angst
 Text (241.51 k)Zip (94 k)
 In the wake of an unexpected event, Mulder and Scully must overcome pride and uncertainty before too much time has passed.
Deejay -- Road Not Taken, The - The Collector's Edition
  1997-07-18 Rated NC-17 Adventure Romance Angst
CoverText (536 k)Zip (220 k)
 Set in 1996. Scully takes a long-overdue vacation, and gets a LOT more than she bargains for. A chance meeting with a Boston Homicide detective turns into a life-threatening situation, and the relationship that follows earns Scully some revelations about herself. Her confusion deepens when a mysterious neighbor becomes part of her life, creating concern in Mulder and Skinner.
Deejay -- Road Not Taken 2, The - Further On - The Collector's Edition
  1998-12-30 Rated NC-17 Adventure Romance Angst
CoverText (417 k)Zip (176 k)
 Having sworn their love for each other, Scully & Max have a weekend of happiness as Scully continues to come to terms with her new-found sexual orientation. But the shooting that brought them together becomes part of an X File when it is linked to five Domestic murders. Mulder & Scully join forces with Max and her new partner, Mickey Kreutzmann, to find the key to this mystery, and Scully meets a new enemy that is determined to bring her down for her role in the demise of Special Agent Gordon Beauchamp.
Deenalynn -- Unreasonable Facsimile
  2000-03-12 Rated R Story Romance Angst
 Text (204 k)Zip (77 k)
 What do you do, when everything you are turns out to be a lie?
Dettmann, Jude -- Seasons: Book I - The Collector's Edition
  1998-05-20 Rated NC-17 Story Romance
CoverText (390 k)Zip (150 k)
 Contains Fireworks, and Autumn Escape. While attending the White House Fourth of July celebration Walter Skinner meets a lovely, if rather mysterious lady. Intrigued by her, and by his attraction to her, he meets her in San Francisco. While there he finds that he has fallen hopelessly in love with the woman, but is confused by her reluctance to tell him about her past. But, while they discover each other and gradually begin to trust, Walter finds that danger has followed him from Washington and may have cast its shadow on them both ...
Dettmann, Jude -- Seasons: Book II - The Collector's Edition
  1998-05-27 Rated NC-17 Story Romance
CoverText (200 k)Zip (78 k)
 The revised version. Contains Winter Portrait and Tho' They With Winter Meet. Walter and Rae struggle through their separation when an auspicious visit and a tragedy bring them back together. It is then that Walter discovers the truth about Rae's terrifying past and promises to love and protect her. He takes her back to Washington DC with him to introduce her to the Director. But danger is closing in and Alex's dream-shattering plan is about to take their lives on a turn they never expected.
Dettmann, Jude -- Seasons: Book III - The Collector's Edition
  1998-05-27 Rated NC-17 Story Romance
CoverText (344 k)Zip (136 k)
 Contains Ice Out, Vernal Equinox, and the Epilogue. Through the winter of loneliness and fear Walter and Rae struggle to maintain their spiritual bond. But at ice out, Rae plans a bold escape from Alex's captivity and Walter rushes to find her. The strength of their love and their bond, although tested, survives. But, Alex has escaped and remains at large. Who knows what mischief he may yet lead them into?
Dianora -- Portions of Eternity
  1998-11-01 Rated NC-17 Story Angst Romance
 Text (242 k)Zip (97 k)
 In the post-colonization world, a very changed Mulder and Scully struggle to find their way back to each other - both physically and emotionally.
Drew, Bonnie -- Immortal Series IV - First Time For Everything
  1995-04-27 Rated PG Crossover Romance Angst
 Text (353 k)Zip (134.49 k)
 Dana's new life in Seattle becomes very complicated when she tries to save Duncan's life, and she and Mulder both come to some difficult conclusions before they end up where they belong.
Dri -- As
  2002-04-27 Rated NC-17 Story Romance
 Text (452 k)Zip (170 k)
                as around the sun the earth knows                       
                she's revolving
                and the rosebuds know to bloom in 
                early may
                just as hate knows love is the 
                you can rest your mind assured
                that i'll be loving you always 
                         Stevie Wonder, As 
Driskill, Allen -- Heads Up
  1996-05-08 Rated PG Crossover
 Text (353 k)Zip (139 k)
Dupre', Danielle -- Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
  1997-02-05 Rated PG Story Romance
CoverText (257 k)Zip (101 k)
 A series of stories that detail the trials and tribulations Mulder and Scully experience as they try to redefine their relationship after the episode.
Enriquez, K. D. -- Fox and the Howned - The Collector's Edition
  1998-05-27 Rated R Story Angst
CoverText (214 k)Zip (82 k)
 A psychotic serial killer from Mulder's past returns for vengeance. Contains The Fox and the Howned, The Hunt, Home From the Hill, The Howneded, and The Howned's Bark.
Ensro, Ashlea -- Isis
  1999-06-01 Rated R X-File Angst
 Text (298 k)Zip (118 k)
 How come Mulder's the only one who gets cool shadowy informants?
Ensro, Ashlea & Anna Otto -- Fire Eaters, The
  1999-12-29 Rated R X-File Romance Angst
 Text (251 k)Zip (101 k)
 ...and there will come a ghost whose broken heart will infect the hearts of others, whose madness will consume the lives of all around him, and no one will be safe from him... then, the inseparable partners will be cut apart, the traitor will betray once more, the long-lost woman with the mind of a child will be a prize in the tug of war, and the old man who thought his soul was gone will be proven wrong... but the rivers of blood will never be deep enough for the fire eaters.
Eowyn & Juliettt & Macspooky -- Generations: Book II - The Collector's Edition
  1996-01-30 Rated R Story Romance Angst
CoverText (617 k)Zip (240 k)
 Mulder and Scully work a horrific case on Martha's Vineyard in which the bodies of several young girls are found. Margaret Scully marries Walter Skinner. We learn more about Mulder's relationship with Phoebe Greene. He reveals something to his wife that he is deeply ashamed of. Dana gets a cold and Fox takes care of her. Then the two of them take a trip to Ireland where Fox learns a great deal about family he never knew he had.
Eowyn & Macspooky -- Generations: Book III - The Collector's Edition
  1998-06-17 Rated R Story Romance Angst
CoverText (477 k)Zip (182 k)
 Contains Nothing But Trouble, Baby Trouble, A House is Where a Woman's Heart Is, Too Close for Comfort, and Valentine's Day.
Eowyn & Macspooky -- Generations: Book IV - The Collector's Edition
  1998-06-17 Rated R Story Romance Angst
CoverText (450 k)Zip (172 k)
 Contains Ghosts from the Past, Male Stuff, Naked Moment, and Beautiful Boy.
Esty, Sue -- Revelations 1
  1999-12-28 Rated PG-13 Story
CoverText (747 k)Zip (299 k)
 Let us return to the days of yesteryear when Scully's abduction, bounty hunters, clones and cancer are still far in the future. It's the morning after the Jersey Devil case, Scully is dismayed to be given a temporarily reassignment while her new partner, Fox Mulder, does some work for VCS. Lots of FIRSTS in this one for these two. PG13 for some violence and occasional adult topics.
Esty, Sue (Windsinger) -- All Hallows Eve: Book I
  1997-05-05 Rated PG Adventure Romance Angst
 Text (594 k)Zip (237 k)
 Driving back to Washington on Halloween Mulder and Scully see strange lights in the sky over rural Maryland, stop to investigate, and find themselves spending a night they will not soon forget. Contains All Hallow's Eve I - III.
Esty, Sue (Windsinger) -- All Hallows Eve: Book II
  1998-02-27 Rated PG Adventure Romance Angst
 Text (501 k)Zip (202 k)
 Tannis, a young witch, is invited to a certain Halloween party by a certain good-looking FBI agent in hopes that she can prevent tragedy sweeping up our heroes once again. No luck, but you probably figured that out. This begins in Tannis's voice but soon moves to Dana's and Mulder's with some surprise guests by the end. Angst, angst, and more angst. Contains All Hallow's Eve IV.