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The annex is home for X-Files stories and compiled series that are 200K or larger. We welcome all story classifications. If you have a novel you would like to have added (or if, *gasp*, you want your novel removed), please let us know.

We envision the annex as a place to visit when you have time to relax and browse, like you would at the local bookstore on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The only cost for any of the novels is a nice note to the author if you read the book. Payment is on the honor system. If you read a novel you really enjoyed, please let others know by mentioning it on the recommendations page. Also, please sign the guestbook while you're here. Archivists love feedback too. ;-)

Submission Guidelines

Following are the minimum formatting guidelines we need from all authors:

  • Lines must be 72 characters long or less.
  • Files should be submitted as plain text attachments with line breaks
  • Rating, classification, spoiler, keyword, summary, etc. requested
  • Title of the story should be put in the subject line of all correspondence
Please note, ultimately, we want to archive your story. If you have any problems sending a story, write us. We'll work with you.

Extra Features - Authors, please read

If we compile your story for you, all we do is paste the parts together and add it as-is. There are several extra features you can add and sending us a book cover or a separate introduction will earn your story its own page! Check out the Dustjackets to see what we mean. If you're interested in any of these optional features, let us know and we'll help any way we can. Some details follow....

Collector's Editions

Most people print out long stories and they really appreciate not having to fix the formatting or waste ink printing out identical introduction/disclaimers every few pages. Calling it a collector's edition means that you compile the story yourself and take out unnecessary things like newsgroup headers and sigs and polish the formatting. It's fine to leave in author notes and anything else that you feel is necessary. We like to leave the ratings/summary/classification/disclaimer stuff at the top so that readers will have it when they download the story. The Gossamer FAQ has detailed instructions for formatting and saving files if you're not sure how all that works.

Having the story beta read at some point is strongly recommended but not a requirement. If you are looking for someone to do anything from heavy editing to simple grammar/spell-checking, the Beta Reader's Circle would be happy to help you out.

Overall, the idea is to give the reader an attractive, well-written novel ready to be printed out and bound for personal use.


You can write about whatever you like that in some way relates to your novel. There is no set length or list of topics. It's a great opportunity to talk about the story or writing in general without turning off readers that would prefer to go straight to the story.

Book Covers

As you browse the dustjackets, you can assume the author created their own covers unless otherwise noted. If you would like to have a cover but would rather not do it yourself, you might ask one of the many talented XF artists to make one for you or let you use some of their work. Many of them have graciously provided covers for various novels. The X-Ville Art Gallery, The Haven and E's X-Page are great places to visit if you'd like to see some collages. Gossamer Birdfeeder and frogdoggie's site also have art galleries.

The following authors have volunteered their services in making book covers. Please feel free to write them and ask for a sample of their work:

Penny's work can be seen here. Clover Blue's work can be seen here. If you have an artistic bent and wouldn't mind if we referred authors to you on this page, please drop us a note and we'll add your name to the list.

Please note, the preferred width for a cover is 250 pixels, although there are some exceptions. When you have a dustjacket ready, send us the picture as a .gif or .jpg file if possible. We can handle a few other formats so let us know if that's a problem and we'll try and work something out. We do prefer the covers to be suitable for all ages to view.

Authors are welcome to add covers and introductions anytime after a story has been posted. Also, if an author adds to or expands an existing story, s/he should feel free to send any updates.

Thanks, Disclaimers, and Misc. Stuff

We've fixed it so you can bypass the html pages and browse the stories and covers directly. You'll be able to see the date stamps on files so it will be easier to know when collector's editions and dustjackets are added to existing stories.

Here's a text and tabs version of the database we use to generate the novel listings. Please download a fresh copy from time to time, we're still adding older stories as well as new ones.

Thanks to GuestWorld for the free guestbooks.

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