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Blood Ties by Dawn
  1999-08-06 Rated PG-13 Story Angst
CoverText (346 k)Zip (139 k)
 Contains Blood Ties I, II, and III. In Blood Ties I, upon the death of his mother Mulder learns a family secret that will change his life forever. In Blood Ties II: Powerless, a month has passed since the events in Raleigh, and Mulder isn't coping well. At a loss, Scully calls in Grey with the hope he can help. Finally, in Blood Ties III: A Nice Trip to the Forest, something is causing an epidemic of missing persons in the Smoky Mountains. When a good friend attempts to investigate and subsequently disappears, Grey enlists Mulder and Scully's help to search for him. What they find is an X-File.
Blood Ties IV: Shredded Hearts by Dawn
  1999-09-19 Rated R X-File Angst
 Text (241 k)Zip (97.46 k)
 A serial killer mimicking the Paper Hearts murders pushes Mulder to the edge of a breakdown. When Skinner removes him from the case, Grey and Scully talk him into a trip to North Carolina to get his mind off the investigation. The killer, however, has other ideas…
Blood Ties V: Legacies by Dawn
  1999-11-20 Rated PG-13 X-File Angst
 Text (303 k)Zip (123 k)
 Grey finally obtains first hand knowledge of the Consortium, and more than one old enemy resurfaces.
Bright White Place, The by Nivling, Nancy
  1999-06-12 Rated NC-17 Story Romance
 Text (391 k)Zip (155.02 k)
Brotherhood, The by Walker, Esther & Moseley, Vickie
  1996-10-26 Rated PG X-File Romance Angst
CoverText (325 k)Zip (123 k)
 Mulder and Scully are sent to investigate a mysterious death involving a group of anti-government protesters and the group's armed holdout in a remote part of Montana.
Building a Mystery - The Collector's Edition by Cottrell, Rory D.
  1996-03-11 Rated PG X-File Romance Angst
CoverText (685 k)Zip (267 k)
 A series of stories that follow common threads through some of the X-Files story lines; closures to some story lines and a few case files thrown in for good measure. Includes Opposite Poles.
Burden of Proof, The by Ms. Brooklyn
  1996-05-21 Rated R Adventure Romance
 Text (360 k)Zip (137 k)
 Mulder's investigation into a woman's abduction causes him to face kidnapping charges.
Bureau Years - The Collector's Edition by LuvMulder
  1996-10-24 Rated NC-17 X-File Angst
CoverText (416 k)Zip (168 k)
 The unexpected appearance of an enemy from Mulder's past wreaks havoc on the agent's life and plunges Scully into a maelstrom of confusion and intrigue. Later, while Mulder recovers from his previous adventures in Connecticut under his mother's watchful eye, changes are afoot both in both Dana's world and within the Consortium. Contains Books IV & V, which can stand alone. Books I - III have not been written yet.
Butterfly in China, A by Nicknoc
  1999-12-29 Rated NC-17 X-File Romance
CoverText (201 k)Zip (78 k)
 Scully and Mulder are confronted with the biggest shock of their lives....themselves.
By Coincidence - The Collector's Edition by Faye, Cathleen
  1998-02-07 Rated NC-17 Story Romance
CoverText (219 k)Zip (84 k)
 Set in 1995. As Mulder recovers from his brush with death in the Arctic Circle, he reflects on the things that he has to tell Scully before he starts running out of chances. On the same day, across town, Scully discovers a moment from Mulder's past which she thinks provides her with clues about his present. But sometimes all is not what it seems on the surface. By coincidence, they meet in a park on a cold winter day and what looks like happenstance actually just might be fate taking over matters of the heart from two people who clearly need some help.
Caged Fox - The Collector's Edition by Brown, Kathleen
  1998-07-07 Rated NC-17 Story Angst
CoverText (262 k)Zip (102 k)
 Several years in the future Fox Mulder's life has changed. No longer in the FBI and separated from Scully for two years, he's lost more than his job and his best friend-- his mind. His release into society brings more trials than he and Scully expected, and it's up to the two of them to overcome the past. Rape Warning. Contain Caged Fox I, Caged Fox II - Night Terrors, and Caged Fox III - Secrets.
Calm Before the Storm by Whipple, Eileen S.
  1999-09-26 Rated PG-13 Story Angst
CoverText (204 k)Zip (79 k)
 Scully suspected this a year ago but was proven wrong. Now, the discovery of two young girls is going to change her life forever.
Cassandra Series: Book I - The Collector's Edition by Lake, Rhondda
  1998-03-01 Rated NC-17 X-File Romance
CoverText (228 k)Zip (92 k)
 Empathic Cassandra Troy must confront her downstairs neighbor about his nightmares. They are keeping her awake. But once she becomes involved in the dark and alluring world of Fox Mulder she might lose much more than her heart.
Catalyst by Mudsprite
  2000-05-04 Rated R Story
CoverText (270 k)Zip (106 k)
 Mulder receives an intriguing invitation to take part in a role-playing game. But is it really the innocent fun it appears to be?
Cavendish Door Series by Hayes, Patty
  1997-02-19 Rated R Crossover Romance Angst
 Text (270 k)Zip (99 k)
 Scully walks through a door that doesn't exist and enters a parallel world. Mulder's lost without her and tries to get her back. Contains Cavendish Door I - IV.
Centenarian - The Collector's Edition by Black Orchid & Halo 5
  1998-02-24 Rated R X-File Angst
CoverText (205 k)Zip (83 k)
 The ancient bayou in a small Louisiana town held many secrets throughout the ages, and two notable residents are the center of the maelstrom as a timeless battle is waged. One is a 107 year-old woman who has been left a special legacy by her slave ancestors; the other, an object of derision who may be out for revenge. Investigating the mysterious death of a teenage girl, Mulder and Scully fear their partnership may be at an end - at their own hands or by a greater power. One of two July 1998 Book Club Selections.
Chances Series, The by Lisby & Jones, Alex & E.
  1996-08-28 Rated NC-17 Story Romance
 Text (283 k)Zip (108 k)
 Mulder and Skinner face trials and tribulations as they start a relationship. Includes Chances I-IV.
Chiaroscuro - The Collector's Edition by Blueswirl
  1998-09-08 Rated NC-17 Story Romance Angst
CoverText (222 k)Zip (85 k)
 A novel told as a series of vignettes. The past cannot help but have an irrevocable effect on the present.
Chicago Stories by WPAdmirer
  1999-11-13 Rated PG Story
 Text (306 k)Zip (115 k)
 Alone in a hotel in Chicago the night before Thanksgiving, Walter Skinner meets a young doctor named John Carter. Before either of them has really thought it through, they become involved sexually. When it comes time for Walter to leave Chicago, he and John Carter realize that it's more than just sex between them. Just when they seem to be making things work, Krycek infects Walter with nanocytes, and later kidnaps John Carter. It's all part of his plan for controlling Walter, thus enabling him to monitor and manipulate Mulder and Scully.
Chindee by Hozra
  1997-07-18 Rated PG Adventure Angst
 Text (348 k)Zip (123 k)
 Mulder combines a vacation with investigating reported sightings of ghosts and people disappearing without a trace. He ends up finding more than he bargained for. When the trip turns deadly and Mulder fails to appear for work. Scully and Skinner must find him before time runs out.
Chosen by Wettergreen, Angela C.J.
  2000-05-14 Rated NC-17 Story Romance Angst
 Text (266 k)Zip (95 k)
 He was 'the chosen'. He chose her. But her partner had something else in mind. Sometimes love is stronger than destiny.
Chronicles of Wanderer, The - Calling Out the Clan by Pantovich, Steve
  1999-06-05 Rated PG-13 Crossover
 Text (1152 k)Zip (422 k)
 A series of vampire killings brings Mulder and Scully back to LA. They team back up with Buffy and Steve to put an end to the Queen vampire's plans to destroy the world.
Chronicles of Wanderer: Hellmouth - New Beginnings - The Col by Pantovich, Steve
  1998-09-08 Rated PG Crossover Romance
 Text (390 k)Zip (144 k)
 An Immortal Demon Hunter comes to Sunnydale and teams up with Buffy to hunt down Angelus, Spike, and Drusila.
Close Encounters II - Secrets by Miszti, Erica
  1996-09-03 Rated NC-17 X-File Romance Angst
 Text (614 k)Zip (207 k)
 Scully's archeologist cousin, Amanda, has dug up a nasty secret that is going to cause a whole heap of trouble for Mulder and Scully.
Cold Angel Eye, A - The Collector's Edition by Jordan
  1998-04-22 Rated NC-17 Story
 Text (347 k)Zip (132 k)
 After Scully has sex with Skinner in a moment of extreme mental duress, she and Mulder head for Texas to investigate an X-File involving a Senator's missing daughter, a white slave ring, a migrating pawnshop, a graveyard visitation, and the origin of the Great Monkey-Weasel debate.
Coming Home by Lee, Melissa
  1999-03-22 Rated R Story
CoverText (246 k)Zip (97 k)
 A teenage Dana and a twenty-year-old Mulder meet the summer before Dana starts college. Romance ensues, but alas, ANGST rears its ugly head.
Complications I by Kiley, Sarah
  1996-09-11 Rated R Adventure Romance
CoverText (374 k)Zip (136 k)
 After Mulder is in a car accident, Scully continues the investigation in an effort to save him- but does he want to be saved?
Complications II - Second Chances by Kiley, Sarah
  1996-09-21 Rated NC-17 Adventure Romance
CoverText (488 k)Zip (176 k)
 Four months after being arrested, Mulder breaks out of prison and seeks Scully's help in clearing his name. To do so, they must make a cross-country trip on the run from the law while Scully has second thoughts about marrying another man. Could this be Mulder and Scully's second chance?
Complications III - Last Dance by Kiley, Sarah
  1996-09-08 Rated R Adventure Romance
CoverText (830.27 k)Zip (306 k)
 Enlisting Zora's help, Mulder tries to alter the course of history, and the fate of not only he and Scully, but of their centuries-old guardians as well. But how can there be so many complications in each reality? Are they destined to be together, only to be ripped viciously apart?
Condemned to Repeat It - The Collector's Edition by Branwell
  1998-08-31 Rated NC-17 Story Romance Angst
CoverText (499.11 k)Zip (193 k)
 The story is set in fall of 1997 after Redux II and before Detour. Mulder and Scully have been assigned to a 'routine' X-File by Skinner. They don't believe it will amount to much, but it proves to be more dangerous than expected. As the case progresses they're reading a manuscript that was found among Melissa Scully's things, at the request of Maggie Scully. Melissa believed it was an account of a past life of someone in the Scully family. It raises personal issues Mulder and Scully are not prepared to face.
Corpse - The Collector's Edition by Livengoo
  1995-07-24 Rated R Adventure Angst
CoverText (739.06 k)Zip (289 k)
 The UFO killer has come to town, and Mulder and Scully aren't far behind. Their search for the killer through the eyes of small city lawyer Emma Courtland. Story 'mentioned' in Entertainment Weekly. February 1998 Book Club selection.
Crossing the Line by Nuttycombe, Sharon
  1996-12-10 Rated NC-17 Story Romance
 Text (266 k)Zip (100 k)
 When Scully and Skinner become romantically attracted to each other, they must decide how to balance their professional and personal lives.
Cruel and Unusual Punishment - The Collector's Edition by Rasmussen, P. C.
  1998-03-14 Rated NC-17 Story Angst
CoverText (291 k)Zip (110 k)
 Mulder runs into a major problem which threatens his partnership with Scully, strips him of a good portion of his dignity and nearly kills him. And all because someone doesn't know when to quit. It's up to Scully to save him and keep him sane throughout this nightmarish ordeal. Mulder angst galore.
Cruise by Partous, Madeleine
  1996-12-23 Rated R X-File Romance
 Text (216 k)Zip (85 k)
 A series of mysterious deaths aboard its ships leads a cruise line to contact the FBI as rumors of a vengeful ghost begin to fly. Is the killer striking from beyond the grave?
Cry of the Truth, The by Irving, A. I.
  1997-11-28 Rated NC-17 Story Romance Angst
 Text (529 k)Zip (211 k)
 As their love affair unfolds, Scully reveals to Mulder a painful secret relating to her abduction. Mulder's reaction tests their bond and eventually leads Scully to discover a few truths about herself.
Crying Shame - The Collector's Edition by JEhrat
  1998-08-21 Rated R X-File Angst
CoverText (414 k)Zip (155 k)
 Due to an error on Mulder's part, an abduction by a serial killer endangers and traumatizes Scully. They try to put their lives back together, including learning to trust one another again, and discover a unique connection exists between them.
Cubed by Marin, Louise
  1999-03-23 Rated NC-17 Story Romance Angst
CoverText (208 k)Zip (78.88 k)
 Scully does a little body-swapping of her own. Can she and Mulder make it back to each other? Do they want to?
Culex Pipiens by Mystic & Reilly, Megan
  1996-09-08 Rated PG X-File
 Text (204 k)Zip (76 k)
 Mulder and Scully investigate a series of strange murders linked to dreaming... and start to have strange dreams themselves.
Currents I: Undertow - The Collector's Edition by Cato, Liz Ann
  1998-02-27 Rated R Adventure Angst
CoverText (401 k)Zip (152 k)
 Skinner finds himself up to his neck in a conspiracy within the FBI. Mulder and Scully to the rescue - with a little help from the Lone Gunmen.
Currents II: Vigia - The Collector's Edition by Tobler, E. Catherine & Cato, Liz Ann
  1998-03-28 Rated R Adventure Angst
CoverText (693 k)Zip (257 k)
 When Scully receives research her sister was conducting on near-death experiences, she and Skinner are drawn to a woman who holds answers that will change their lives forever. Mulder and the Gunmen try to help unravel the mystery behind Melissa Scully's research, but are pulled into a whirlpool they may not escape from.
Currents III: Whistling Psalms to the Taffrail - The Collect by Tobler, E. Catherine & Cato, Liz Ann
  1998-05-14 Rated NC-17 Adventure Angst
CoverText (665 k)Zip (249 k)
 Skinner and Scully are called to Norfolk VA to bring in a serial killer. Their newly developing relationship is put to the test time and again by those around them and a killer who's determined to share the fun-- no matter what the cost.
Currents IV: Lay the Land - The Collector's Edition by Cato, Liz Ann & Tobler, E. Catherine
  1998-06-11 Rated NC-17 Adventure Angst
CoverText (825 k)Zip (310 k)
 Immediately following the disappearance of Skinner, Mulder and Scully embark on a dangerous search to find him. A psychotic serial killer has other plans in store for all three-- but what if they don't see the danger before it's too late?
Currents V: Stormbound by MissElise and LaLizWoman
  1999-06-05 Rated NC-17 Story Romance
CoverText (675 k)Zip (252 k)
 Recovering from his ordeal in Norfolk, Skinner is drawn into a case that involves a werewolf. Meanwhile, Scully gets hooked into bondage, and Mulder drowns in cherry turnovers.
Cycle of Axer Carrick by Wyckoff, Henry
  1996-09-14 Rated R Crossover
 Text (1554 k)Zip (618 k)
 The Cycle of Axer Carrick is a story about an original character, Axer Carrick, who is a Highlander-style immortal. He surfaces from obscurity in a Toronto bar, and the events that force him to surface will shake the foundations of the world.
Damascus Files - File 1, The by Katvictory
  1999-11-20 Rated R Story Romance Torture
 Text (438 k)Zip (175 k)
 Mulder gains amazing and frightening psychic powers after suffering a debilitating, life altering head injury. The search for the truth, of where the powers come from lead the pair to Central America and some amazing discoveries about God, aliens and themselves.
Dance Without Sleeping by Bower, Lydia
  1997-07-29 Rated NC-17 Story Romance Angst
CoverText (253 k)Zip (100 k)
 A series of stories about how Scully's cancer might conceivably change her life and the way she lives it. Contains Dance Without Sleeping and Into Each Other Sinking I, II, & II.
Dark Beyond The Stars - The Collector's Edition by Mesa
  1999-02-07 Rated R X-File Angst Romance
CoverText (218 k)Zip (87 k)
 The bonds that tie us to one another are complex and tangled. Mulder and Scully and Skinner must face the possible severing and reforming of alliances; Krycek and Marita make an unexpected gamble.
Dark Seed by bugs
  2000-10-26 Rated NC-17 Adventure Angst Romance
 Text (680 k)Zip (268 k)
 Caught in the center of a desperate plan by the remaining members of the Consortium, Mulder and Scully struggle to deal with the new, intimate relationship that results.
Dawnbreak by Ives, Adrian D.
  1999-09-19 Rated PG X-File Angst
CoverText (233 k)Zip (93 k)
 A dreadful encounter from her childhood returns to haunt Scully, as she and Mulder become entangled in the plans of a British government agent, uncovering a conspiracy that spans the globe and reaches back to the dawn of civilisation.
Day Series by Bradstreet, Sally
  1997-01-05 Rated PG Story Romance
 Text (347.9 k)Zip (131 k)
 A series that follows the developing relationship between Scully and Skinner. Includes the latest installment, Day of Reckoning.