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We're still here....

I know, I know. It's been a long time since the last update.

We apologize. Life Happened. As the members of the Annex mailing list knew from the start of this year (hint, hint :), it's been a looooong year. What has occupied us since May is house-hunting and moving into our first house. Our first house that then flooded into the finished basement where we stored many precious things. Flooded Three Times. The house has smelled like wet cat since we moved in.

Enough of the woe. The stories we present for this update are stories that came to us completely ready to be uploaded. If you are an author wondering where your story is, fear not. We have it and we are working on reformatting it. We NEED files as text-only, ATTACHED as a separate file to the e-mail you send us. Sometimes, I can tell the author tried to attach a story, but for some reason, the story still shows up in the e-mail body instead. I've had a lot of success with authors sending me zip files of their stories. A zip file kind of guarantees that the story is attached and not in the e-mail body.

If you have sent me your story and still do not see it here, feel free to try sending it again as an attachment. Otherwise, please be patient as we work through the backlog. We love you, we want to archive your story, but we need time to get back on track. As we get stories up, let us know if everything looks OK. We're moving kinda fast when we find time to archive. Thanks!

In other (badish) news...we are going to have to move the Annex by January 15. Simplenet has been kind, but the Yahoo! buyout and subsequent billing changes are forcing us to seek out more reasonable rates. Luckily, Mr. Annex has lots of friends with ISPs, so we we'll have somewhere to go.

Thanks for hanging in there with us....

love, lore